Hoverboards Buying Guide

The Guide to buying the right hoverboard.

Fake Vs Real

Having been in the electric mobility industry in South Africa for more than 3 years now we have come across every type of Hoverboard in the market from the most premium boards to cheap fakes ones.

The recent influx of fake dangerous products into South Africa has had a lot of customers confused and unsure about the safety of Hoverboards, so we have put together a detailed summery of what to look out for when buying an electric mobility device specifically Hoverboards.

An original Hoverboard is hard to tell from a fake but here are the giveaways and some must knows before spending your hard earned money:

  • Price, The median retail price is R5000 up depending on models. “99% of the time cheaper units are fakes and can immediately be determined by the retail price”
  • Seller, Original sellers are Businesses, Retail and Online Outlets that will offer a valid warrenty and guarantee on products. “Be careful buying off Gumtree, Olx, Flee markets, Online daily deal sites and China Towns. As they do not always sell original items, they don’t back the warranty and their boards are dangerous as they have cheap components as elaborated on below.”
  • Warranty, A real Hoverboard will come with a warranty on both the board and the battery.
  • Backup, People selling Hoverboards that cannot supply warranty and repair boards are 99% of the time not selling original products.


Whats the difference in price getting you?



Original Hoverboards use premium circuitry and components that provide a more stable and safe ride as well as operation, they also have backup safety components to stop them from overheating, overcharging and catching fire.


Fake Hoverboards use cheap components and do not have safety features, they overheat and can worst case catch fire. Fake Hoverboards also do not have testing and quality controls and are assembled by cheap unskilled labour factories some of which illegal labour is used and do not adhere to regulations of international testing standards.

What circuitry you can trust:

Blue Motherboards& Black Motherboards

What circuitry you should away from:

Red Motherboards & Green Motherboards, Split boards (Very Dangerous, as they easily overheat) 


Real Hoverboards will have premium batteries made by LG, SAMSUNG, SANYO, PANASONIC if a Hoverboard does not use a branded battery it is hazardous and does not follow international safety regulations. Again this is reflected in the price as a branded battery will cost more than 100USD on its own. 99% of the time the cheap boards do not adhere to safety standards as they are using fake or recycled batteries.

Why does it matter?

Apart form the fact that a Fake Hoverboard is a danger to your family and home it is also important to know that fake products do not last long and replacing the parts are expensive so saving a little now may cost you a lot down the line.

This is what you can expect from a Fake hoverboard.


  • Circuitry

Expected life 3 months, This is the average time it takes for the electronics to pack up and a replacement motherboard is needed.

  • Battery

The charge storage is lower so the boards don’t operate for as long as they should or go the speeds they should, life expectancy is difficult to determine but there is a noticeable difference in performance.

  • Safty

None to very little safety circuitry is not built into the boards, speed is not monitored, charging is not controlled and regenerative braking is not regulated and causes overheating. This becomes a big issue when the user is going too fast the boards can cut out and cause serious injury.

  • After Service

Non existent, In most cases there is no support for repairs the importer is a stand alone seller or a Chinese mass import from grey markets.


If you are unsure about a purchase contact us and we can assist you with more detail

If you have a board and want to know if it is safe or not email us a photo of the circuit board and we can check the system to let you know if your unit is safe to use email info@hover-board.co.za

To conclude

We recommend buying after doing your research, if its more than you can afford and if its out of your budget then save up some more or get a secound hand unit that was bought from the wright place. Buying a fake cheap board will only lead to regret and could cause a lot more damage than its worth.

On a side note

Please beware of scams on the internet, we have had a number of clients tell us stories about getting scammed out of there money buying on the internet.

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