Electric Longboard

R13,000.00 R10,000.00


SK-B Electric Skateboard is a street electric longboard suit for proffessional surfers and skaters, smooth and steady riding, good climbing and fast speed, more sporty fun and thrilling riding leisure on street and skate site.

It is amazing in great performance with a single 1200W DC Brushless Hall Sensored Motor,24V 4.4AH/8.8AH LG Lithium battery,remote control. SK-B Electric Skateboard is light enough(5.5kgs) to carry anywhere(20kms range), fast enough to go everywhere(with top speed at 32km/h). A revolutionary combination of portability and great performance.

Product Description

I-WONDER 1200W 24V 4.4AH/8.8AH brushless motor with hall sensor SK-B Electric Skateboard.Iwonder smart board is not just an electric skateboard. Iwonder smart board is something new.A small great revolution in the world of transportation.
It is an amazing mean of transport: small, lightweight, easy to use, with the low power consumption