The 5 most popular hoverboard games for you and your friends

If you have not already been hit with the craze of Hoverboards, well then you have missed out on a real ball of fun. These electric-powered scooters have been shipped to millions of households across the globe, people of all forms, shapes and sizes have had them in hot demand – even locally.

As a South African based company, we really do believe in providing our customers with the best possible experience. Our boards are put through rigorous safety & security tests, even the standard batteries which are fitted to all of our scooters are official LG/Samsung batteries, to ensure we stock the most reliable boards on the market. 


With that being said, we’ve seen videos circulating social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Vine & Snapchat where Hoverboards are being used to its full potential – We’ve seen a wave of dance routines, funky box races and quite a number of other games being created by people almost daily. In this article we will go on to highlight 5 of the most popular games which are played by hoverboard’eez from all across the globe.


  1. Tug of War Challenge
  2. Hoverboard Spin Challenge (6:19)
  3. Hoverboard Team Tag
  4. Hoverboard Dizzy Penalty
  5. Hoverboard Race Course (4:27)


Bonus: Hoverboards Olympics Video >


Please do try these at your own risk. We advise all games played be supervised by an adult if you are below the ages of 13. Hover-board South Africa can not take any responsibilities for injuries that are sustained as a result of re-enacting the above-mentioned activities.


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With Love,

The Hover-board Team.

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