Why Buy HBP Hoverboards?

Why Buy HBP Hoverboards?


As one of the only official Hoverboard repair shops in SA we get to see what people are selling and what sort of support is being supplied to customers.


Firstly: buying a cheapie means that you are not purchasing a certified product with regulatory testing by the manufacturers or that has been made with proper components, increasing the risk of buying a fire hazard. We’ve all heard the stories and news articles about cheap Chinese Hoverboards blowing up.


Secondly: ask yourself whether the place you are buying from is an established business or a fly-by night operation gone when your board stops rolling. That guarantee you got means nothing.


Thirdly: is it really worth it? Saving R 500 or even R 1 000 on a sub standard product that could seriously injure your kids? At best, result in a heavy repair bill. Most repairs are caused by the use of cheap components and the average cost of repair is well over R 1 000 with labour and parts. We purchase certified products only and all hoverboards come with a guarantee. Are you getting that from the guys you are buying from?


We can name a number of suppliers that your should stay from purely on the service that customers have received, secondly we currently have a back log of repairs on customers that have purchased rubbish products form random Fly-by nights.


The Golden Rule is if its not HBP is not worth it.

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